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      So, how DO you become a bounty hunter?

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United States Professional
Bail Bond Investigators'



To all bail bond agents and bail bond investigators alike:

You are cordially invited to join the finest and fastest growing organizations of its kind,         THE UNITED STATES PROFESSIONAL BAIL BOND INVESTIGATORS' ASSOCIATION.

In the Past, the exchanging of information between bail agents and investigators has been limited. The lack of communication between the two meant wasted time, efforts and money. Years of trying to build relationships of integrity and trust ultimately left many questions between them. Because of the lack of contacts with professionals within the state as well as across the nation, too often the fugitives would just slip away.

Now there is a better way. Vital time need not be wasted. The U.S.-P.B.I.A. networks the two together nationwide. Knowing one another as a U.S.-P.B.I.A. member can provide instant mutual respect. Quick contacts and fast communications with professionals can end many of the tireless hours of wasted efforts and bring more of the desired results both parties are looking for. Bail agents can now have quick access to investigators closer to where their bond jumper may be. The professional investigator that works in that area will more likely better understand the laws and procedures for that area. This is crucial in this time of ever-changing laws that usually protects the criminal and puts more of a burden on the bonding professional.

By networking together, bail agents can contact a member and quickly put the information into the hands of a professional. The investigator can work with the bonding company or another investigator and make a successful recovery and everyone wins. That is what Networking is all about. Win/Win.


An updated membership list is posted on the Web page and is updated monthly. You can copy off the web page and have an updated list all the time. This will promote you and others to the Bonding Companies across America.

In addition, members will find our monthly online publication, TRAPLINE, valuable in keeping updated on new laws, information and helpful resources.

To become a member of the U.S.-P.B.I.A., just fill out the enclosed application and return in the mail along with your check or money order. We trust you will find this unique organization to be above and beyond your expectations and we look forward to assisting you in many successful recoveries.


Executive Director


United States Professional
Bail Bond Investigators'

P.O. Box 7819, San Antonio, TX 78207
Fax: 210-224-9021

An I.D. card and certificate of membership are provided to each new member.

USPBIA T-Shirt provided with membership

 There is also a certificate of recognition available for any individuals who assist you in a capture.

To obtain this simply contact the association with the name and address of the person and the association will mail them a certificate.






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