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      So, how DO you become a bounty hunter?

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I thought it couldn’t be done.

Surely everyone has had that feeling.  I really didn’t know where to turn and then it hit me.

I was just sick and tired.

Ever been tired of your career, what you have been doing all your life?  You see I was getting tired of getting high everyday of my life. I was a high-rise window cleaner for over 20 years.  I must say I had job burn out.  I wanted to do something new and different.  Perhaps it was midlife crisis, but around the age 45 I decided I needed a change. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?  I had an inquiring mind.  What can you do for a career with an inquiring mind?  I had a friend of mine who was a bounty hunter.  I had never heard of such a job.  I thought that was just TV stuff and had no idea such a job really exists.  I began to investigate into people hunting and then I really got excited! 

Could you imagine being paid to find people?  That is exactly what a bounty hunter does.  But, actually what got me even more excited was finding people without having to arresting them.  That is what is called skip tracing. 

I read all the books I could find on skip tracing and decided they were little more than  source manuals.  They offered very little meat.  I found very little I could use in these books on how to really find people by skip tracing.  Have you ever found when buying something you were disappointed in what you got?  For that exact reason, I guarantee to teach you and not just entertain you.

That is when I made up my mind.  I was going to teach people how to find people exactly like I did everyday in my office, day in and day out.  I would not give them just a bunch of fluff but real street smart tricks and techniques that would empower them.  I promised myself to not hold back any of my secrets, but give it all up.

Why not write a book?

I decided to put everything I knew about finding people down on paper and make it available to anyone who wanted to answer the challenge of skip tracing.  Skip Tracing is the art of finding people who are lost, misplaced or hiding.

I also decided since my craft is constantly evolving I would offer it on a medium that could constantly be updated.  So when you buy my CD you get the latest and best tricks I have.  If it were in book form then the information would be old almost before the ink dried.  The internet is constantly changing and so are the tools and tricks we employ to find people.  When you own our latest CD you have the most up to date information we have.  You will not have to worry about the information being out of date.  You will be doing exactly what I am doing in my office everyday.

I am so sure my Skip Trace 202 CD will work for you that I guarantee if you are not completely pleased with the information and techniques keep the CD and I will send your $20 back no question asked.  In addition to no risk, you can get me on the phone anytime and I can walk you thru or help you with any problem you might encounter.  It is like having me on your staff.  Simply fill out the application below and know when your CD arrives you will be on your way to being a successful skip tracer.  Your targets are going to wonder, how in the world did you find me?

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