Antwan Lamont Warren

DOB: 5-30-1983

Wanted in Virginia Beach, VA

Original Charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance w/ Intent to Dist. 2 counts.

Court Date Skipped: 6-16-03

Last Known Address:
Cavalier Manor
Portsmouth, VA

He was living with his aunt at time of arrest. His aunt is the cosigner and very cooperative. However, she has had no luck in locating the suspect. He has himself dug in to a bad part of Portsmouth, VA and is well protected. The residents of this area are uncooperative to say the least. He knows that agents are looking for him and is hiding very successfully. He had dreadlocks at time of arrest but it is rumored that he has shaved them off. His eyebrows are very characteristic. They are full almost to a "uni-brow" style. He has a friend named Jason that looks almost identical to him except that Jason is much short than Antwan. He might change his eyebrows or any other characteristics if he is scared. He has a scar in one of his eyebrows and a tattoo on his right arm that says "Thugged out Twiggy".


If you have any information, please DO NOT attempt to apprehend this individual yourself. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Please contact C & M Fugitive recovery at 757-753-6481 with any information.